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The ship business is now more relaxed than ever. You're in control of your ship now. Available on Google Play Store.
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Jahaji – Shaping Your Shipping

Bulkhead Booking

Book your Bulkhead ship online for shipping goods on the inland route of Bangladesh very easily. Select the ship you want from the Ship App.


The ship's current location is now on your mobile app via the Ships app.


Buy the product from the moving ship at home. There is an opportunity to verify the quality of the product.

Jahaji: User-friendly, Modern and Affordable
Book your ship with the Jahaji App, find out where the ship is...

The ship business is now more relaxed than ever. You’re in control of your ship now. See the ship’s real-time location on the mobile app and receive notifications via SMS at home. Book the ship by checking the price, you can also buy the ship’s products. Shipping app is your smart office.

Download Jahaji App
Jahaji is an unique app
Why Jahaji different?
Weather forecasts

Ship App users will be able to predict the inclement weather through the app

Dynamic Dashboard

The ship has a dynamic dashboard. It will get all your trip updates very easily

24/7 Customer support

We have skilled, trained and gentle staff. Who will give you 24/7 offline and online customer support

Monthly reports

Freezing to keep track of ship trips? Get daily, weekly and monthly reports on Jahaji app account of your current and past trips.

Jahaji App
Jahaji is paperless, affordable and fast
A unique app for cargo shipping
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Jahaji is the first and only app in Bangladesh for lighter ship booking & tracking
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After graduating in finance at Dhaka University, He worked as a communications specialist at the Prime Minister's Office, the BBC and the world-renowned company BRAC. He is a respected Fellow of the RNTC, the world's best media training institute based in the Netherlands.
Shaikh Bahauddin Rupak has a long family business reputation and reputation. He is a philosopher of ships. From his experience, and philosophy, day by day the ship sailed rich. He is the main pillar of Jahaji.
After graduating in finance, He worked with a renowned private bank. Developed multiple companies. He is main dreamer of Jahaji. Logistics and Supply Business He is a well-known name of AJ Corporation and AJ Logistics Products Supply and Logistics business established in Khulna region.